List of Preferred Formats for Data Submission

In general, ZFMK Data Center accepts every format for submission and ingestion into the long term archive. However, a few criteria would allow a potential future user to interpret and use the data from scratch:

  1. use a non-proprietary format for files.
  2. open, but patent-encumbered formats should be avoided.
  3. Simple format descriptions have precedence over more complicated ones.
  4. Formats should be described by a reasonably established international standards organization such as W3C, IEC or ISO.

A list of recommended file formats is available from Facile:


Format Name
TXT text documents in unicode
PDF/A ISO certified version of PDF suitable for archiving
CSV table-based documents in unicode
XML eXtented Mark-up Language


Format Name
TIFF Tagged Interchange File Format, allows for rich metadata information
GeoTIFF Geographic Tagged Image File Format
JPEG2000 JPEG2000
PNG Portable Network Graphics
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
WAV WAVEform audio file format
AAC AAC Advanced Audio Codings
AIFF PCM Audio Interchange File Format
OGG Theora/Vorbis Format OGG
OGG Vorbis Format OGG
MPEG-4 AVC Moving Picture Experts Group
MPEG-4 AVC/AAC Moving Picture Experts Group
MPEG-4 AVC/AAC LC Moving Picture Experts Group