Overview of Data and Metadata

This overview shows the mandatory and (strongly) recommended data and metadata used in the LIB Data Center for a complete data set and for each data unit (e.g. a biological individual or an insect box). Links are given to controlled vocabulary and international standards. The list is based on the ABCD TDWG standard and the GFBio ABCD Consensus Document.

  • mandatory - bold text
  • highly recommended - italic text
  • recommended/optional - plain text

Metadata for entire data set

  • Title - A short, concise title of the whole data set (e.g. title of project or publication)
  • Description - Longer description of the project (e.g. the Abstract)
  • Author/Creator - The main researcher involved in producing the data (e.g. PI) or the author of the publication.
    • E-Mail
    • Affiliation
  • ContentContact - Person, who can answer questions and feedback about data or restriction on use of the data. This contact normally represents supplier or custodian of the dataset.
  • Owner - Entity (Person or Organisation) having legal possession of the data collection content (for entire data set, not for individual units).
  • License - The license is a contract between the person or institution publishing and the subsequent user, which regulates the conditions of the subsequent use. We recommend public licenses (e.g. CC BY-SA 4.0).

Author/Creator, Content contact and owner can be one and the same person or two or three different.

Data and metadata for each unit

Record identifier

  • Source institution - Unique identifier (code or name) of the institution holding the original data source (in doubt = owner organisation). Used as first part of record identifier.
  • Source of record - Name or code of the data source within the source institution (unique within the institution; e.g. collection name, short dataset name). Used as second part of record identifier.
  • Unit identifier - A unique identifier for the unit within the data source (e.g. collection number, barcode). Used as third part of record identifier.

Taxon Identification

Gathering information

All information about the occurrence of the unit.

  • Locality - Information on collecting/recording location
  • Country - Name of country of location (if continental locality)
  • Named area - Name of marine area or for geographic, geomorphological, geoecological or administrative areas
  • Site longitude - Longitude expressed in decimal degrees (WGS84 format)
  • Site latitude - Latitude expressed in decimal degrees (WGS84 format)
  • Date - Date of the collecting or observation event (in format yyyy-mm-dd)
  • Gathering agent - responsible person for collecting/recording (if fieldNr. mandatory)
  • Collector's field number - original identifier assigned by collector/observer; if available, but only with gathering agent

Measurements and Facts

In measurements or facts information about measurements (e.g. length, temperature) is provided. It always contains the identifier, the measured value and the unit for the measurement.

  • Unit - Measurement unit

Multimedia objects

Please provide for each multimedia object:

  • Creator - Name of person, who has produced the multimedia object. Does not imply copyrights or other rights.
  • Copyright - Person or institution, who holds the copyright.
  • License - Public license (e.g. CC BY-SA 4.0) for each multimedia object.
  • License holder - Person or organisation, which holds the license rights.
  • File URL/URI - web address of the digital object (if applicable)